Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm not tech savvy. Can I use your interactions?
Absolutely! Our interactions are created specifically for individuals like you! The process is simple and fast...just fill out a few text fields and you're done!

What version of Flash Player do I need?
The final downloaded file is a single Flash SWF file that is viewable with Flash Player 7 and above. We like to build our interactions to reach your end users and we realize not everyone is updated with the current version of Flash Player.  

How many versions of an interaction can I create?
You can create and download an UNLIMITED number of versions of your interaction! No restriction on versions and no yearly fee!

Can I import your eLearning games and interactions into other programs?
Yes, you can easily import DIY eLearning interactions into other authoring tools such as Articulate, BrainShark, Adobe Captivate, Flash, Lectora, PDF, PowerPoint, Proform, Unison and any other tool that imports a Flash SWF file.

Are the interactions SCORM compliant?
Each interaction is setup so you can communicate with your authoring tool. This way you are not limited to certain authoring tools. When the interaction is complete you can call a function in your authoring tool to send a score, mark the course complete, popup the next button or perform other tasks.

I need a customized flash piece developed. Can you help me?
You betcha! We offer customized design and development services. Simply contact us at and we'll get started!

What software do I need to edit these interactions?
If you can view this site then you have met the minimum requirements. The content of your interaction is edited by simply filling out text fields in a web browser. The final downloaded file is a single Flash SWF file that is viewable with Flash Player 7 and above.

Our company has strict branding standards. Can I change the colors?
Yes, you can modify the colors by entering a hexadecimal color value to match your company. Please contact us for assistance with customizing interactions ( 

I have an idea for an interaction. Can you create it for me?
We love new ideas! Send us an email at and we'll see how we can help.

I'm a Flash developer and have created interactions, can I sell them on your website?
Yes! The process is quite simple, send us an email and we'll get started

We need a course developed, but do not have a dedicated training staff. Can
you help us build the course?

Of course we can! DIY eLearning collaborates with The LHT Group to build custom eLearning courses and they are just as fun as our interactions! Visit for more info.