eLearning Sounds
Get Started with DIY eLearning Sounds

Sound effects, music, and ambience help bring your eLearning projects to life! Too often audio is left out of e-learning courses and cartoons because of limited access to high quality, relevant sounds. Below are sets of music and sound effects for quizzes, button clicks, introductions, and environments.

You can also purchase single files by accessing Soundsmack directly.

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Button Click and Feedback Sound Pack
This e-learning sounds pack includes clicks, roll overs, hover, incorrect answer feedback, correct answer feedback, timer, and many other eLearning sound effects. Save over 25% by purchasing this bundle.
Background Sounds and Ambience
Save over 25% with this bundled background and ambience e-learning sound package! Add depth and emotion to your scenarios, videos, games and eLearning courses.
Dramatic Opening Bundle
Save over 25% with this bundled dramatic opening e-learning song pack! The perfect addition to enhance your training videos, games and e-learning courses.
Cartoon and Games Bundle
Save over 25% with this bundled cartoon and games e-learning song pack! If you are creating cartoons and games then you need the right audio and sound effects.