How often have you been faced with the dilemma of needing to create engaging eLearning courses—without a lot of time or money? This is a common scenario that The LHT Group ( has run into for nearly a decade as a custom eLearning development company, and the reason for creating DIY eLearning.

Like most vendors, we use all the standard course authoring tools (Articulate, Brainshark, Captivate, Flash, PowerPoint, ProForm, Lectora, etc.), but we were missing a way to quickly add Flash interactivity that is functional and looks great.

To solve this problem, we started building an internal library of high-quality, reusable Flash interactions and games. We have been using this interaction library for several years and now it is offered through DIY eLearning so that anyone can create affordable, high-quality interactions without purchasing Flash!

Each pre-built interaction goes through a strict development process before going live on our website. We start with the concept, and progress to instructional design, graphic design, development, and testing.

This process is carried out by a talented eLearning team with years of experience and education, including PhD and Master's degrees. We make sure each interaction is instructionally and graphically sound.

If you're looking for engaging pre-built Flash interactions without the high price tag and long development process, then you have come to the right place. It's so simple, you can do it yourself!

DIY eLearning is located in Columbus, Ohio. If you are passing through Columbus, be sure to let us know!



Listed below are some of our clients we’ve worked with over the years

DIY eLearning Clients