"These sound effects have been perfect for my eLearning course and games! I've had trouble finding high quality sound effects that are affordable until now."
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to your courses.

Add interest, impact, and a whole lot of fun to your eLearning courses or PowerPoint presentations with our sound effects, music, and ambience loops. All files are high quality MP3s. Soundsmack, DIY eLearning's sound engineer company, has produced audio for film, major-label albums, cartoons, e-Learning companies, video games, and online distribution.

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Examples of what you can do with sound
Illustrated Character Example
Background Ambience

Create life-like environments using background ambience such as office, road, labratory, and nature noises.

Illustrated Character Example
Sound Effects

Provide learner with instant feedback and enhance the sensory experience with high quality sound effects.

Illustrated Character Example
Music Loops

Add depth and emotion to your introductions, scenarios, and videos.